1 Sep 2010

If you fancy buying stuff...

... Here is the place to go!

Feel free to buy a print/card etc. XD

8 Aug 2010

Leaving the Loop to work

Hi everyone. I am letting you know I am leaving university for a gap year. I am also leaving facebook and twitter. I joined to network, but have found very few useful links, and I have decided they are just distracting me from actually getting art work done.

I am starting two new projects: Creating Weird cuddly toys, and a book of Weird kids.

I will be updating with some more images and news of where to buy these products soon.

15 Apr 2010

Horse Book

New post! Sorry it has been a while, Easter was very busy, sespecially with birthdays and a young child! I'm spoiling you with 3 images of my second hand made hardback book. I plan on filling it with pencil&wash sketches of horses, and will try to post those up when I'm done.

1 Mar 2010


Lino cut printed with water based printing ink. Quote by Ian Chovil, http://www.chovil.com/index.html#2

9 Feb 2010

Fish Tank Forum

I thought I might share an image I sent to enter a competition on my favorite forum